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At Camping Lago Barasona we understand that we are just passing through this world, and we are concerned about the planet that we are leaving to our children, so we try to approach our activity with a respectful perspective towards the environment and we are aware that we can always do something to improve:

Waste reduction

  • We have drawn up a three year plan to reduce the amount of waste we generate on a daily basis, and every year new measures are implemented. So far, we have eliminated packaging and individual portions (sugar, butter, jam, ketchup and mayonnaise), and we are increasing the percentage of returnable packaging in the restaurant.
  • There are containers on the campsite for our customers to recycle, and all the campsite staff also separate and recycle the waste that we produce.
  •  We collect used oil to make homemade soap, preventing it from polluting rivers and lakes.

Energy self-sufficiency


  • We have solar plates to supply the three bathroom facilities with hot water. Furthermore, one of them is totally self-sufficient as it works exclusively with solar energy.
  • We use electrical vehicles to carry out the campsite cleaning and maintenance work.
  • About 80% of the light bulbs are LEDs, which allows us to reduce energy consumption, and we gradually replace them as they are used up.

Organic or Km0 products

Tourist activity has become almost the only economic alternative for the empty Spain that every day faces the departure of young people to the cities, in search of opportunities.  We feel privileged, we love our region and our work, and we want our towns to remain alive, with their people, their traditions and their ways of life. That is why we consider it essential to support local producers, livestock farmers, shops, craftspeople...

  • At our restaurant, you can enjoy recipes made with typical regional products, such as: Graus tradicional sausage, the Ternasco of Aragón or the wines of the Somontano región (which you can also purchase at our supermarket)
  • We also try to purchase our products locally, thus contributing to the development of the región and we hire staff from the area.
  • We are aware that our clients can also contribute by purchasing km0 foodstuffs, it is a green choice because it is more sustainable for the environment and it helps to valorize local companies, so that we can also recommend them where to get the best products.

Road N-123a Km. 25 Road Barbastro / Graus

Telephone number: +34 974545148 +34 649671322


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Lago Barasona

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