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Set just outside the Pyrenees, with the same waters as Lake Barasona running through, coming from the melting snow of the Pyrenees is Graus, the capital of the Ribagorza (5 km away). This area is full of rich cultural and religious historical sites such as the a Buddhist temple in Panillo, past Romanesque churches as important as the cathedral of Roda, the oldest church of Castro, and modern buildings such as the Sanctuary of Torreciudad.

National park of Ordesa y Monte Perdido

The National Park of Ordesa y Monte Perdido, with its impressive landscape and its extensive and singular plant formations, houses the majority of the most emblematic species of Pyrenean fauna.

  • Añisclo Valley
    Añisclo Valley

    The first entrance to the National Park is located 80 kilometres from the campsite. The Añisclo canyon is an impressive valley, and at its head there is a glacial cirque, Further down it becomes boxed in to a deep canyon, the result of the karstic action of the river water on the limestone rock, in a succession of chutes and waterfalls.

  • Ordesa Valley
    Ordesa Valley

    The entrance to the Ordesa valley is 95 kilometres from the campsite, in the village of Torla. The valley of Ordesa is a spectacular glacial valley that the river Arazas flows down among beautiful waterfalls, such as the Steps of Soaso or the Cola de Caballo.

  • Pineta Valley
    Pineta Valley

    The entrance to Pineta valley is 90 kilometres from the campsite. A visit to the plains of Lalarri is highly recommendable as a family trip. After a quite simple ascent through the woods, you will reach the plains of Lalarri, where you will enjoy a fantastic view of Monte Perdido

Posets-Maladeta Natural Park

The Posets-Maladeta Natural Park houses the largest concentration of summits with a height of more than 3000 m in the entire Pyrenees. You can contemplate the immensity of the Pyrenees on many of our outings.

  • Aigualluts waterfall
    Aigualluts waterfall

    Forau de Aigualluts is a very easy route for the entire family. This is a 50-minute walk through the pretty landscapes of Benasque valley

  • Estós Valley
    Estós Valley

    The routes through Estós valley vary in difficulty. The route of the ibones (mountain lakes), the Escarpinosa ibon and many others. Highly recommendable is the Gran ibon de Batisiellas. .

  • Botanical path of the Alba gorges
    Botanical path of the Alba gorges

    A very easy circular path where we will find botanical interpretation panels. You can go to the source of the Esera river

Natural Park of Sierra y Cañones de Guara and the Somontano region

The spectacular nature of this protected space lies in the surprising landscape carved by the action of water. Its famous “cañones” (canyons) are narrow with deep ravines down which the turquoise-coloured rivers flow, forming impressive waterfalls, flooded underground chambers and caves.

  • Bierge waterfall
    Bierge waterfall

    The Bierge waterfall is located in the heart of the Natural Park of Sierra de Guara. It is a perfect place to enjoy a sunny day with the family. And for the more adventurous, there is also a jump of 9 meters that is sure to get your adrenaline going!

  • Footbridges of the river Vero
    Footbridges of the river Vero

    The footbridges of the Vero river is a circular trip that is ideal for families. It starts in the village of Alquezar and it lasts for an hour and a half. On the way you can cool down in the pools and grottoes formed by the Vero river.

  • The charms of the Somontano
    The charms of the Somontano

    Sierra de Guara hides an exceptional cultural legacy linked to human activities from time immemorial. Worthy of note are its cave paintings, the wine culture with its Somontano D.O. wineries and its famous farmhouse cheeses. It is also one of the most important enclaves for ornithological tourism, with such important species as the bearded vulture, the golden eagle...

Rich cultural and religious area

A rich cultural and religious area, where we can find buildings such as a Buddhist temple in Panillo, as well as Romanesque churches, as important as the Cathedral of Roda.
The old hermitage of Castro is also important, as well as modern buildings such as Santuario de Torreciudad, a stop on the Marian route

  • Buddhist temple of Panillo
    Buddhist temple of Panillo

    In the village of Panillo, 9 kilometres from Graus, a very curious Buddhist temple stands out, as if transported from another world, to the astonishment of all. The peace and tranquility breathed in this place is a real temptation for any visitor.

  • Torreciudad

    Bathed by the water of Grado reservoir, we encounter the sanctuary of Torreciudad, a place of pilgrimage along the Marian route

  • Roda de Isábena
    Roda de Isábena

    Roda de Isábena is the smallest village in Spain that has its own cathedral. An Aragonese Romanesque jewel.

Medieval villages

  • Ainsa

    Ainsa is the capital of the Sobrarbe. It is a beautiful medieval town, situated on a hill where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Pyrenees.

  • Alquezar

    Alquezar is located in the Natural Park of the Sierra and the Canyons of Guara. It is a spectacular town where you can stroll around the church, and visit all the old town. From the village of Alquezar can make a trip to the Vero river.

  • Montañana

    It is a village at the Noguera Ribagorzana valley, which preserves its Romanesque and medieval heritage.


1. Pyrenean lake "Basa de la Mora"

2. "Mon de Perarrua"

3. Naval salt lakes

4. Fantova's Casttle

5. Graus plaza

6. "Longaniza" day at Graus


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