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Entertainment Programs

The entertainment program from Camping Lago Barasona is for all our customers, be they children, youth or adults. For the teenagers and adults, we organize sports competitions ( football, basketball...) Also some night we make parties, for childrens, teenagers, and adults.


Children´s entertainment

During the months of July and August, the smallest child can participate in our entertainment program. It change every day. We make some activities in the morning, for the smallest of the family, and some others at the afternoon, for all ages.



Every morning we make handcrafts for the small children. They prepare costumes for the nights parties, where they will  show their choreographys.


Sport activities

During the evenings we organize games for the youth of camping, football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, volleyball ...

Astronomy nights

Astronomy, Camping Lago Barasona
Astronomy, Camping Lago Barasona

Once a week we get together with any families who are interested, and hold astronomy sessions. We look at the sky with our naked eye, we learn about the most important constellations of our hemisphere to be able to get our bearings and we point to the planets with our telescope. This year Saturn will accompany us again during the warm nights of July and August. Its rings will amaze everyone that looks at it. The magic of the stars from Lake Barasona.


Rafting, Camping Lago Barasona
Rafting, Camping Lago Barasona

For families

Rafting is an activity that takes place in the Esera River, which flows into Lake Barasona. This activity is suitable for people of all ages. There is a familiar part, very exciting, but safe, where children can enjoy the bravery of the river.


For adults

There is a part of the rafting only for adults, more than 14 y.o., depending of the size. 

Canyoning and Hidrospeed

Canyoning e Hidrospeed, Camping Lago Barasona
Canyoning e Hidrospeed, Camping Lago Barasona


Canyoning it is also an activity for all the family, depending on the age you can do an easier one, or another one more difficult. Most of them are acuatic, so it is perfect for the summer.



The hydrospeed is done individually, consists in the descent of the river, equipped with an Hidrospeed table. It is an individual adventure sport where you can download all the adrenaline.

Activities at the Lake


You can take a kayak or a pedal boat with your family, and enjoy the magic of the lake.
In the middle of the lake there is a platform with a slide and a relaxation area where you can relax and take a sunbath.


Banana Bus

Banana Bus is an activity recomended for the smallest. It is an activity where you can enjoy 15 minutes of jumps, spins ...

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